[RAC-Bulletin] Countdown to WRC-19: Highlights of CITEL WRC Preparatory Meeting.

Highlights of CITEL WRC Preparatory Meeting: August 12 to 16 in Ottawa

CITEL, the telecommunications committee of the Organization of American States,  concluded a week of meetings on Friday, August 16 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa.

These meetings have as their principal purpose to try to establish common positions on agenda items which will be acted upon during the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19) which begins on Monday, October 28 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

The following Radio Amateurs (from left to right in the above photo) were present at the CITEL meetings and were tasked with looking out for issues of concern to the Amateur Radio Service:

  • Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN – on the Canadian Delegation and Radio Amateurs of Canada’s Special Advisor to World Radiocommunication Conferences
  • George Gorsline, VE3YV – member of the Executive Committee for the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU-R2)
  • Flavio Archangelo, PY2ZX – on the Brazilian Delegation and International Amateur Radio Union Region 2 CITEL Coordinator
  • Serge Bertuzzo, VA3SB, Radio Amateurs of Canada’s International Affairs Officer
  • Jon Siverling,  WB3ERA – on the American Delegation and the Technical Relations Officer for the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

The following are the principal highlights of the week’s activities for Radio Amateurs:

Six Metres: There are now 14 signatories to an Inter-American Position (IAP) which in effect voices no objection to an allocation in 50 – 54 MHz to the Amateur Service in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Region 1 (Europe, the Mideast and Africa).

Six Metres: Amateurs were successful in adding wording to protect the Amateur primary allocation in 50 – 54 MHz from a US proposal to study implementing space-based Earth Exploration Service radars to operate in or close to 45 MHz.

47 GHz: Amateurs were successful in having Mexico remove the frequency segment 47 – 47.2 GHz from their proposal to study several additional frequency ranges for the Fixed Satellite Service.

47 GHz:  An IAP supported by 11 member states supports No Change (NoC) to the existing (Amateur Primary) allocation in 47 – 47.2 GHz. Specifically, not to be considered for sharing with 5G International Mobile Telephony (IMT).

5 GHz WAS/RLAN: An IAP supported by 12 member states supports No Change (NoC) to the existing allocations in 5725 to 5850 MHz and 18 member states support No Change in the range 5850 to 5925 MHz (as opposed to using these frequency ranges for higher-power and outdoor wireless access points). The Amateur secondary allocation in Canada is 5650 to 5925 MHz.

WPT(EV): Wording in a Canadian contribution with additions from the American delegation has been added relative to a WRC-19 agenda item which seeks to identify frequencies for medium and high-power wireless charging of electric vehicles. The wording emphasizes the requirement to properly set standards to avoid harmful interference to radio services from WPT(EV) systems.

Note: The French proposal to consider 144 – 146 MHz for sharing with the aeronautical mobile service was not on the CITEL agenda. It will be considered next in a CEPT meeting in Ankara in late August. For more information please visit: https://www.rac.ca/2-metre-sharing-proposal-is-on-cept-conference-preparatory-group-agenda/

This was the last CITEL meeting before the upcoming WRC-19 Conference; therefore, the above is a fair representation of the status of the various Amateur issues going into that meeting.

Stay tuned to the WRC-19 webpage on the RAC website for more updates.

Bryan Rawlings,  VE3QN
Special Advisor to World Radiocommunication Conferences
Radio Amateurs of Canada

Cowichan Valley Basic Radio Course. Sep 17 2019.

Basic Ham Radio Course Starting September 17, 2019 Cost: FREE

Participants must register prior to the course . This course is designed to provide you with all the information needed to obtain your Basic Amateur Radio Certificate and call sign. An examination by an accredited Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada examiner is included in the course.

Course Dates: Four Tuesday evenings, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.:

September 17, 24, October 1, and 8; and a Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 2:30± p.m., October 12th.

Location: Duncan area For more information about the course: Contact Les, VA7CBN, va7cbn@cvars.com, 250.510.6305. To register: Contact Donna, VA7CHS, va7chs@gmail.com by September 10.

[RAC-Bulletin] Call For Nominations of Candidates for Regional Director.

Call for Nominations of Candidates for Regional Directorhttps://wp.rac.ca/call-for-nominations-of-candidates-for-regional-director/
Notice to RAC Members Residing in the Alberta/NWT/NU, Ontario South and Quebec Regions
The Secretary of Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc. hereby solicits nominations for the positions of Director for the Regions of Alberta/NWT/NU, Ontario South (postal codes L, M and N) and Quebec.
As described below the deadline for all original nominations and supporting documentation, including a biographical sketch, must be received by the RAC Secretary at the address indicated below by 12 noon on Friday, September 20, 2019. If required, an election for these positions will be held in October 2019 to take office on January 1, 2020 for a two-year term.

  • Alberta/NT/NU: Ernest C. Clintberg, VE6EC
  • Ontario South: Phil McBride, VA3QR
  • Quebec: Guy Richard, VE2XTD

1. The Candidate:

  • must be a Full Voting Member of RAC
  • must have reached the legal age of majority
  • must reside in the Region for which he or she is nominated

2. A candidate may not nominate himself/herself. 3. The nomination form will:

  • be printed or typed
  • clearly indicate the candidate’s name, call sign and RAC membership number
  • clearly indicate the names, call signs, RAC membership numbers and original signatures of ten (10) or more full voting members of RAC

4. The nominators must have reached the legal age of majority and must reside in the same Region as the candidate whom they are nominating. 5. Each candidate must:

  • sign the nomination form, indicating a willingness to be nominated
  • include with the nomination a brief biographical sketch/CV limited to 500 words succinctly setting out his/her background and qualifications. A candidate choosing to submit a biographical sketch in both English and French languages will be allowed 500 words in each language. The biographical sketch will not include any campaign platform material.

6. Nominations must be sent to the following address: Secretary, Radio Amateurs of Canada720 Belfast Road, Suite 217Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5 Note: Please clearly indicate on the mailing envelope that Nomination Documents are enclosed. 7. As indicated previously all original nominations and supporting documentation, including the biographical sketch, must be received by the RAC Secretary at the address indicated above by 12 noon on Friday, September 20, 2019. It is suggested (but not required) that the nomination forms be sent by registered mail. Faxed or emailed documents will not be accepted. The envelope will be held unopened until after the closing deadline of September 20, 2019. After this date, the Election Committee, under the supervision of the RAC Secretary, will open all submissions, review the documentation for accuracy, completeness and validity, and then announce the results of the Call for Nominations. The decision of the Election Committee is final. Should a balloted election be required, ballots will be mailed from RAC Headquarters on or before October 1, 2019.

Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director

[RAC-Bulletin] RAC Annual General Meeting 2019: Saturday, September 14 2019.

Notice to RAC Members:
The Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Riverview, New Brunswick just outside of Moncton. 


The AGM event will be hosted by the Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club and will be held in conjunction with its Annual Fleamarket, which is being held at the same location. All RAC members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting.
Date: Saturday, September 14
Time: 1 pm (Atlantic Daylight Time)
Place: The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Riverview Lions Club, 701 Coverdale Road in Riverview, New Brunswick.
Agenda items will include:

  • Report of the President
  • Review of the 2018 finances
  • Appointment of auditors for 2019

A Question and Answer period will follow the AGM proceedings. This is your opportunity to hear what your representatives have been doing over the past year, to raise questions, and to make suggestions about how RAC is managed and where it is going in the future.
The meeting will be attended by members of the RAC Board of Directors and Executive and is open to all RAC members. There will also be a Webinar which RAC members can attend remotely.
For more information about the Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club Flea Market please see the article below and visit their website at http://maarc.ca. 

Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club Fleamarket
The Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club (MAARC) is pleased to host the RAC Annual General Meeting as part of its Annual Fleamarket.
Date: Saturday, September 14.
Time: The Fleamarket will be open to Vendors at 8 am (ADT) and to the Public at 9 am. The RAC Annual General Meeting will be held at 1 pm (ADT).
Place: The event will be held at the Riverview Lions Club at 701 Coverdale Road in Riverview, New Brunswick, just a short 10-minute drive from Moncton.
Cost: $5 for both buyers and sellers.
Talkin: VE9TCR 147.345 plus, no tone.
For more information please visit the Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club’s website at http://maarc.ca or contact the club at kb6gcs@yahoo.com.
Here are a few links for the area:
Town of Riverview: https://www.townofriverview.ca
City of Moncton: https://www.moncton.ca

Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director