Royal Wedding between HRH Prince Harry and Ms. Megan Markle
The special call sign GR9RW will be active for five days in May to mark the occasion of the Royal Wedding between His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Ms. Megan Markle, which is due to take place on May 19, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in England.
This commemorative Amateur Radio station will be operated by members of the Cray Valley Radio Society from Eltham in southeast London, in the United Kingdom.
Ofcom, the communications regulator in the United Kingdom, has issued this unique Special Event call sign to be used from May 19 to May 23 inclusive, and it is believed “it may be the first time that the ‘GR9’ prefix has ever been active”.
GR9RW will primarily use SSB and CW, and additionally FM on the VHF and UHF bands. Two HF stations and one VHF station will be active and will cover all bands from 80m to 70cm.
A very special QSL card will be sent on request and cards can also be requested via OQRS.
For more information visit the Cray Valley Radio Society’s website at http://www.cvrs.org/ and look on the QRZ page for GR9RW for details of the station and how to obtain the special QSL card.
Up-to-date information will also be posted on the Cray Valley Radio Society’s Twitter feed: @G3RCV.
For further information about the Royal Wedding itself please visit: https://www.royal.uk/royal-wedding-2018

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Yet Another Reason Why You Should Be Prepared For Emergencies…

We  keep reading information about a large earthquake on the west coast of North America. It can’t be predicted as to when the event will occur, but you can help emergency services and yourself by being prepared.  The site below has information from the US Geological Survey that should cause reflection to anyone on the west coast.