Interesting Article on a Communications Failure during the TN Wildfires.

An interesting article on a communications failure that occurred during the recent fires in the Great Smokey Mountain Wildfires.  Interesting too are the comments with respect to the failure to communicate between agencies.  ARES ….We can all learn from this. To read more go to

Officials: No text alerts during Gatlinburg evacuations because of ‘communications failure’

Special Weather Statment Issued for the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands Dec 4 2016.,

UPDATED December 4 2016 0845 Local Environment Canada has issued more alerts for British Columbia. Remember to check the local media in your area. To see the updated list go to


Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the areas noted above as well as a couple of more areas.  To read the statement for your area go to

Marconi Wireless Message 115th Anniversary will not be celebrated by V01AA, LISTEN for another Call Sign on Dec 12th 2016….,,

On December 12, 2016 SONRA members will commemorate Marconi’s first wireless message from Admiralty House Museum call sign VO1BZM. We normally would operate from Cabot Tower but it is closed until the new year for road and underground electrical upgrades. This is the 115th anniversary. Look for us on 14.260 or there about.

Marconi Wireless Message 115th Anniversary

Surrey(BC) Amateur Radio Club December 2016 Newsletter…,

Another 30 plus pages of interesting material from this club. An interesting article on contesting and traffic handling, how contesting may help train ARES operators.

Once again thanks to everyone involved in this publication for all the work you do during the course of the year.  It is appreciated.

US FCC Has Online Complaint Form..,

The US FCC person responsible for enforcement on  the amateur radio bands gave a wide ranging presentation in October. Some areas of interest includes comments of  proposed fines issued so far in 2016 is over $60,000, the ability to use the internet to file complaints, and greater use of official observer stations.  For more information on the presentation go to

New Emergency Codes for the 2017 Hurricane Season…..

The 2016 Hurricane Season ends Nov 30 2016. Already some changes for next years season.

Some new codes for the US National Emergency System will be in place for the 2017 Hurricane Season.  It is interesting in the US there is one system for reporting weather. In Canada some areas have Canwarn while other areas do not.  For more information on the new systems  go to