A Big Thank You…


The following was received from A/Section Manager  BC Yukon, Bill Gipps and is in regards to Simulated Emergency Test held Oct 14th 2017.

Thanks to all who participated in today’s SET exercise, and a thanks for trying to those who couldn’t make it.

HF Band conditions were far from ideal .  With relay stations we were able to talk to a number of stations around the Province, and we did pass traffic.
I know there were some new Hams out there – thanks for coming out and helping out.  It is a wonderful hobby and it does get easier ;>}}  Great work, and remember there are parts of the solar cycle where 1 watt will get you all over North America – it wasn’t today though.
Again – thanks – your efforts and giving up a chunk of your weekend was appreciated.


The Annual Great BC Shakeout will be held on Thursday OCT 19th 2017. This is an opportunity for ARES units to participate with the community in an earthquake drill. We all know or have seen, that resources immediately after a quake will be stretched. This has been demonstrated multiple times this year during emergency situations in various parts of the world.


So far there are

2,356 participants are registered by 84 volunteer radio groups for Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills worldwide in 2017.

108 of these participants are registered by 8 volunteer radio groups for the 2017 British Columbia ShakeOut.

WE CAND DO BETTER THAN 108 ! ! ! ! !



HAWAII Simulated Emergency Test Oct 21 2017.

On October 21st the Hawaii ARES will conduct the annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) in two parts. Some changes have been made based on lessons learned in recent natural disasters in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

This year’s SET is primarily focused on a simulated tsunami event with amateur stations reporting inundation and material damage reports. This is priority traffic to be simulated as Part I of the exercise from 08:00 to 13:00, Sunday Oct 21st.