EMERGENCY PLANNING We are Making Headway..

As noted on several entries on this site the South Coast of BC experienced several wind and rain storms last week.  For me one of the most interesting things was the early activation of EOC’s and alerting of ARES. A proactive approach rather than reactive.

Canada is fortunate in that we do not have the number of serious events that occur in the United States. We can and should learn from their experiences. Attached is a letter to the editor in the Florida paper. A heartfelt thank you to a lot of people.


Want To Contact The International Space Station..

You have until Nov 1 2016 to submit your application to make contact with the International Space Station.

The deadline is November 1 for formal and informal
education institutions and organizations to submit proposals to host
an Amateur Radio contact with an ISS crew member. ARISS anticipates
that contacts will take place between July 1 and December 31, 2017.
Crew scheduling and ISS orbits determine contact dates.



77th anniversary of the establishment of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Oct 21/22 2016

The Anniversary special event will be held Oct 21/22 2016. Some of the stations involved are

W2G USCG Station Jones Beach, New York
W2K Inwood Park Hill
N3G USCG Delaware Bay – Augustine Beach Delaware
W9C USCG Station Calumet Harbor, Lake Michigan
N1A USCG Station Nauset Beach, Cape Cod, MA

Listen on the bands, I am sure you will find a station. Ask radio operator for QSL instructions when you make contact.  Good luck and have fun

Ham Radio on the International Space Station Has Some Issues..

The amateur radio unit on the International Space Station is currently having some issues. To ensure the schedule of  arranged contacts is kept the Kenwood radio in the Russian module will be used while evaluations of the other radio are underway.  There will be some reduction in services from the space station. The ARRL Bulletin is shown below

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An Interesting Story on Earthquake. Ares Leaders This May Be Helpful Information….

We already have the basics about hurricanes, tornados and such. Earthquakes, on the other hand are somewhat of a mystery. This article may be helpful in trying to understand  all the concern regarding a megaquake.  A very telling sentence in the article……. hard to generate interest because nothing has happened.  Most ARES leaders can relate to that statement.