GDPR – Notice of use of user data

This blog only uses visit data for statistics purposes.  Each visit is logged by the Jetpack plugin for WordPress & Google site statistics.  The only information that we collect is country of visit, page searches, google searches relative to this blog, and time on page.

No personal data is collected.  Comments are heavily moderated, and will be removed if they have any personal information.  No data is sold in anyway.

On login, wordpress uses the wordpress_[hash] cookie to store your authentication details. Its use is limited to the admin console area, /wp-admin/

After login, wordpress sets the wordpress_logged_in_[hash] cookie, which indicates when you’re logged in, and who you are, for most interface use.

WordPress also sets a few wp-settings-{time}-[UID] cookies. The number on the end is your individual user ID from the users database table. This is used to customize your view of admin interface, and possibly also the main site interface.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact