Maritime Historical Update March 25 2020..

The following was received from the Maritime Historical Society

25 March 2020
“Special Bulletin”
Dedicated to the True Believers Worldwide

By Now most of you know that following the guidance of the CDC and local health officials, the Point Reyes National Seashore has closed all visitor centers in the park and suspended all volunteer activities until further notice.  Since we at the MRHS are all park volunteers, that includes us.   In the spirit of keeping MRHS on the air, we the volunteers will be operating on K6KPH frequencies from our home QTHs. Most of us don’t have the power or the antennas system of K6KPH but we will be there keeping the airwaves charged with RF.
The plan for this Saturday 28 March 2020 is to be on the air from 1200 hrs to 1700 hrs Pacific Time (1900 UTC 28 March 2020 to 0000 UTC 29 March 2020)
Operating Frequencies are the K6KPH frequencies of  3550 Khz, 7050 Khz, 14050 Khz, 18097.5 Khz, and 21050 Khz.We will be calling CQ MRHS. Please join us and if you need us to QRS (Slow down) for you  we will.
Thank you so much for such a loyal, dedicated following and we look forward to hearing you on the air!

The next Full edition Newsletter will come out 5 April. Stay safe and we are wishing all the best in these difficult days ahead.***


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When visiting KPH be sure to tune in to KWMR for the great music, local knowledge and, most important, emergency information.

For more information about KWMR, and to listen to the live stream, click here.