Emergency Preparedness In BC

A review of the study conducted for the BC Government last year was not what was hoped for.  On 13% of those surveyed reported they had a complete emergency plan.

A slight majority have an emergency response plan, but few say it is a complete plan or that is written down.
Overall, 54% of British Columbians say their household has an emergency response plan, although only 13% describe their plan as ‘complete’. And among those with a plan, only about one-third (36%) say that at least some of the plan is written down. see page 17
House owners, older residents and Vancouver Island residents are the most likely to have some type of a plan.
Renters, lower income households and single person households are the least likely to have a plan. see page 18
Among those with a plan, the most common elements include the location of emergency supplies (83%), what to
do if told to shelter in place (72%) and family contact information (71%). Only four-in-ten (40%) have neighbourhood contact/planning information. see page 19

There are multiple barriers/challenges to creating an emergency response plan.
The top barriers/challenges to creating a plan are personal laziness (27%), lack of knowledge (26%) and lack of time (22%). Those who have not created any type of plan are much more likely to mention laziness, knowledge and not feeling the risk is worth the effort. see page 20


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