Satern’s 30th Birthday Party WW9E..

The following information appeared in the Satern Newsletter regarding the 30th Birthday Party

SATERN To Celebrate 30th Anniversary
With SATERN Net Rally
National HQ – Alexandria, VA (05/01/2018) – On Sunday, 26
June 1988, Major Patrick E. McPherson (WW9E-SK) conducted
the very first SATERN Net with four check-ins including Art
Evans (N9KQ) and two Canadian Salvationists. In the ensuing
30 years, SATERN grew from those four operators to over 4,200
worldwide and served in such major disasters as Hurricane
Gilbert (1988 – just two months after their first Net), the
Mississippi River Flood (1993), the Red River Valley / Grand
Forks Flood (1997), The Izmit, Turkey, earthquake (1999), and
Hurricanes Mitch (1998), Fabian (2003), Charlie, Francis, Ivan
and Jeanne (2004), Katrina, Rita and Wilma (2005), Gustav and
Ike (2008) and Isaac (2012). SATERN also became active in
many local disasters such as the Plainfield (IL) tornado (1990),
the southern Minnesota tornadoes (1998), and numerous others.

To celebrate thirty (30) years of operation,
SATERN will be conducting a SATERN
Net Rally from Monday, 25 June through
Sunday 08 July 2018. The objective of
the SATERN Net Rally is to inform the
Amateur Radio community about
SATERN including what SATERN is and
what SATERN does, its recent activities
and what frequencies SATERN can be found on and to
encourage SATERN net participation, increase SATERN
volunteerism and, as always, to have fun with our shared hobby.
All licensed Amateur Radio operators are welcome to
participate. They do NOT have to be SATERN volunteer or a
member of The Salvation Army.

All licensed Amateur Radio operators who check-in to any of
the registered participating SATERN Nets will receive a
SATERN QSL Card. Cards will be sent to the addresses found
on Only one (1) card per Call-Sign will be sent.
Operators checking-in to any SATERN Net registered for the
SATERN Net Rally will be asked to provide their call sign, their
name, and their location. They may also be given an opportunity
to make a brief comment. Net times and frequencies can be
found on

WinLINK can be used for check-ins only to the International
SATERN SSB Net (M-Sat., 14.265 MHz) and the International
SATERN Digital Net (Sat. 14.065 MHz). Check-ins must be
transmitted via HF only on the Net day no more than one hour
prior to the Net’s operating time.

The WinLink email should be sent to The Subject line should be:
SATERN 30th Anniversary Check-In. In the email’s Text the
operator should include operator’s call sign and mailing address
for the QSL card to be sent to.

The QSL cards will be from WW9E, the official Salvation Army
USA National Headquarters station. WW9E was the long-time
call sign for Major Patrick E. McPherson, the Founder of
SATERN who became a Silent Key in May 2016. His family
has graciously allowed Maj. Pat’s call sign to be assigned by the
FCC to The Salvation Army USA National Headquarters.
Those checking into eight (8) or more nets will receive a
SATERN certificate via e-mail. The top 5 check-ins with the
most confirmed log-ins will get an honorable mention on , in SATERN’s weekly Newsletter and will
be announced on the International SATERN SSB Net on
Monday 23, July and on Saturday, 28 July.
Any HF, VHF or UHF SATERN Net may register to be a part of
the 30th Anniversary SATERN Net Rally. To register, the Net
Manager should contact the National SATERN Committee at Nets must be registered by no later
than Friday, 15 June 2018.
Registration implies that the Net Manager agrees to (1) regularly
promote the 30th Anniversary SATERN Net Rally on their Nets
and (2) e-mail their logs to the National SATERN Committee at, by no later than Saturday, 14 July.
Net Logs from SATERN Nets that have not previously
registered will NOT be accepted.
Logs MUST be in electronic form (Excel Spreadsheet, CSV file,
or plain text with delimiter). Logs must include Net date, Net
start time, and Net frequency as well as a list of all check-ins by
call-signs. Operator check-in time, operator name, signal reports,
or their state are acceptable BUT NOT REQUIRED.
Hand-written Logs will NOT be accepted!