US MARS Announces 2021 Schedule for 60M Interoperability.

The following information was received from the ARRL

QST de W1AW  
Special Bulletin 2  ARLX002
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  February 3, 2021
To all radio amateurs

ARLX002 MARS Announces Schedule of Dates for 60-Meter

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) has announced dates in
2021 during which MARS members will operate on 60 meters for
interoperability with the amateur radio community. Some dates
coincide with quarterly Department of Defense Communications
Exercises (COMEX).

All exercises will begin on channel 1 as the initial calling channel
and move to other 60-meter working channels as may be appropriate.

“In addition to voice calls, I want to introduce passing ICS 213
messages in both voice and digital modes to enhance the overall
interop experience,” said US Army MARS Chief Paul English, WD8DBY.

English continues, “Our exercises will yield the frequencies to
other scheduled exercises or mission activations, which may be
called by other agencies for interop support (e.g., hurricane,
wildfire, etc).  We regularly instruct MARS members to work
cooperatively with the amateur radio community during the use of the
60-meter interop channels. We will continue to track our 60-meter
usage and activities.”

English said he plans to provide a quarterly usage report of
60-meter interoperability activities.

The interoperability schedule is as follows:

February 23 – 27
Exercise: DOD COMEX 21-1
Location: CONUS

March 1 – 7
Exercise: Interop Outreach
Location CONUS

April 3 – 10
Exercise: Interop Outreach
Location CONUS

April 30 – May 6
Exercise: DOD COMEX 21-2

May 7 – 8
Exercise: Armed Forces Day Cross-Band Test
Location: CONUS

June 1 – 6
Exercise: Interop Outreach
Location CONUS

July 5 – 10
Exercise: Interop Outreach
Location CONUS

July 20 – 22
Exercise: DOD COMEX 21-3
Location: CONUS

August 2 – 8
Exercise: Interop Outreach
Location CONUS

September 1 – 6
Exercise: Interop Outreach
Location CONUS

October 1 – 31
Exercise: DOD COMEX 21-4
Location: CONUS

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